Advantages of Content Marketing

Houston businesses that are considering raising their online profile may wonder what content marketing is, what its advantages are, and how it differs from traditional offline marketing.

Content marketing is a way of connecting with customers that involves building a loyal base over time. With content marketing, customers have the opportunity to connect with a business in a more personal manner.

Content marketing may tell the story of a business or may offer customers various opportunities to interact on social media. A customer might receive special offers from a business via content marketing, but that customer might also chat to a company representative or to other customers online about product news in the field or how the product helps them in their daily life.

Content marketing also provides the opportunity to gather data instantaneously regarding what kinds of messages get large responses, click-throughs, and sales or new clients. For businesses concerned about SEO, content marketing improves rankings because algorithms increasingly favor quality content.

Content marketing can change the customer from a passive consumer of the company’s brand and message to a participant, and this is very much unlike traditional advertising. In the past, customers had little motivation for viewing or sharing advertisements. With quality content, customers may do some of the advertising for the company by sharing that content with others.

In addition to quality content, content marketing is about building quality customers. These are the loyal customers who will return again and again and tell others about a product or service.


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