Positive Online Image—Why Work with a Houston Online Marketing Agency?

Online marketing in Houston these days is more than just putting up a website and linking to your Facebook page. The Internet is a great tool for making sure you can connect with your customers and to know what they’re thinking. However, with this increased accessibility comes the downside of having to interact with your customers more and possibly encountering some negative reviews. Jayson DeMers recent article for Forbes.com talks about how to properly respond to customers online:



Three Habits of Successful Content Marketers

As effective as content marketing is at generating traffic for your website, it requires a lot of time to do. Great content requires time to write, and then more time before you start to see and feel its benefits. Unfortunately, not many people have the patience for this; when they do not see the results that they want fast enough, they quit. This leads many to wonder: Continue reading

Using Online Marketing in Houston to Educate and Entice Customers

Houston’s bustling economy already boasts of so many business success stories spread out across a panoply of industries, thanks to powerful online marketing approaches. These companies have tirelessly worked to educate their customers about the benefits of their product or service. If you are going to run a small business in a well-defined market, and need to get the word out about your business and your products and services, consulting with an established company that does online marketing in Houston such as the Zkazi Network is the most efficient way to start right.