How to Profile Audience for Your Content

Industry experts have always emphasized the importance of segmentation for effective content marketing. Taking the general approach is just like shooting arrows aimlessly while you’re out on a hunt, enticed by the quantity of targets. The chances of hitting a target with this approach, however, is pretty low, and resources get merely wasted. For a more strategic operation, you must know your market’s profile.

  1. Gather demographical data.

This includes the age, occupation, interests, location, income, education, gender, and some other personal categorization. By analyzing the information, you’ll know more about your target audience and their buying patterns. It will also verify for you the segments that are creating a solid market base in which you might feel it worthwhile to invest some more.

  1. Determine the problems of your market, and address them.

Using the data you gathered, create links between their concerns and your product as the solution. For instance, a dental clinic finds that majority of the market for the latest line of braces comes from a young demographic of high school teens. The approach may emphasize the value of looks since this is a market niche where individuals are highly self-conscious.

  1. Know where to find your market.

Compelling content would be useless if not found by the market audience who might need them. Are your target audience mostly on social media? Do they read blogs or spend time reading the reviews on the online forums? By engaging with your target audience online, you create an opportunity to get them interested in your content. Always consider, however, the suitability of the platform. For instance, you take a more professional tone when posting on LinkedIn than you do on Facebook.


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