Types of Content Marketing

The surge of new social networking sites and tools have made content marketing easier and more accessible to business owners and marketing professionals. Facebook, Twitter, and other websites and applications can be accessed and utilized by anyone for free. The number of platforms that can be used to host your information is increasing every day, thus opening the door to more types of content that a marketing professional can create. These include:

Blog Posts

This is one of the most basic content types that SEO companies usually practice. Blog posts contain information relevant to the end-client’s target market. It doesn’t directly promote the product or the business but it does provide data or opinions that could help form a consumer’s judgment.

Guides/ How-to

Any computer-savvy person who has been confused or left in the dark about a particular subject matter has surely consulted the internet for guidance. How-tos are particularly popular in search engine searches, which indicates that articles that feature step-by-step guides and the like will bring more people to a website.


Graphics has the power to attract more readers than a wall of text can. Information relayed with designs that are clean and pleasing to the eye is more memorable and can also help the reader retain the data more.

There are plenty of other content options out there, and hiring marketing professionals who have mastered the use of various content types is your best bet at catching the attention of more potential customers.


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