Content Marketing Lapses That Can Cost a Lot

Content marketing continues to be an essential part of any business’ marketing strategy because it has proven to increase traffic and sales through improved business visibility online. However, content marketing is not just a walk in a park. Here are some mistakes which can adversely affect your online marketing campaign:

Lack of strategy

You may have relevant content circulated in various websites, but without a solid content strategy, it may be all in vain. An effective content strategy should be designed at least 6 months in advance, considering your company’s events and promotions, as well as integrating all channels of communication for your customers. With patient and meticulous planning, your strategy can pick up sooner than you expect.

One size fits all

Every customer looking for helpful information has different needs and wants, and playing on their demands should be your priority. Target a group of people before posting content and adjust your format accordingly. A 300-word article is not fit to put up in Twitter, while a 140-character blurb may be too short for a LinkedIn post.

No measurement and monitoring

To find out how your marketing campaign is going, you need to quantify and assess the leads you get and the sales you convert from your content posts. There are numerous measurement tools available today that you can utilize so you can take the necessary steps to improve your game plan and know what works for you and your company.


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