Houston Online Marketing Companies Can Firm Up Your Startup’s Content

Businesses—particularly startups—often need ample substance behind their products and services to attract customers. Accomplishing that needs some finesse in the online marketing front. Pratik Dholakiya of Entrepreneur said that one strategy, specifically content marketing, is worth pursuing.

Dholakiya’s thoughts may resonate among people looking to establish a startup business right in Houston, Texas. The city currently competes with the state capital, Austin, with the proliferation of new companies in the gradually recovering business climate. If you are operating a startup and need an extra push to increase your market leverage, people who know online marketing in Houston, like those from the Zkazi Network, can have the right solutions for you.


Houston Online Marketing: Earning Credible Links Essential to Good SEO

Before Google’s recent algorithm updates, many online marketers tried to get around the search engine’s ranking process through practices like keyword stuffing and questionable link building. Regular updates of the algorithm have wiped out or de-ranked websites practicing bad SEO, including those who built low-quality or spammy links.

Google’s John Mueller has recently warned against the risks of link building, in reference to possible penalties a website could incur through improper link building. Algorithm updates like the Google Penguin were specifically developed to provide online users with more quality results by evaluating websites and their pages for their overall content, including links. Duplicate and dubious links could warrant penalties that would be difficult to get out of.

Advantages of Content Marketing

Houston businesses that are considering raising their online profile may wonder what content marketing is, what its advantages are, and how it differs from traditional offline marketing.

Content marketing is a way of connecting with customers that involves building a loyal base over time. With content marketing, customers have the opportunity to connect with a business in a more personal manner.
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Improve Online Marketing in Houston with These Quick and Easy Tips

To say that Houston is a competitive and important economic hub is an understatement. According to a report from The Business Insider, Houston contributes 2.6 percent of the entire GDP of the U.S., as well as 2 percent of all jobs in the country.

With so much riding on the ability of companies to perform well, competition among businesses in the same industry is fierce. This means that each business has to grab any competitive advantage it can possibly get and utilize it. One of the best advantages out there is online marketing. In fact, you may already be engaged in online marketing as we speak.

Social Media Marketing Gives You Competitive Edge

Social media advertising for companies have surpassed many of the traditional methods that are used to promote products or services. Companies are investing heavily in social media promotions to drive traffic to their sites, build their brands and convert visitors to loyal customers. Businesses are continuing to create ads on popular social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Additionally, due to the integration of mobile website features and mobile apps, the revenues spent on social media advertising are increasing substantially. Business Insider’s BI Intelligence reveals that social network ad revenues in the United States totaled to 6.1 billion in 2013. This amount is expected to increase to 8.5 billion by the end of 2015 and 14 billion by 2018.  Continue reading

Houston Online Marketing Experts: How to Improve a Local Business’ SEO

The economy of Houston, Texas has been consistently strong in the past years. In fact, in the latest version of the Forbes’ annual list of the best places for businesses and careers, Houston was ranked 15th in the entire country. Plenty of companies, big and small, have set up shop in Houston, and with so much competition it might be difficult for entrepreneurs to stand out from other local businesses.

The birth of search engines like Bing and Google and the demise of traditional media have made the marketing industry reevaluate its efforts. With proper utilization of these search engines, even small companies have the chance to make their voices heard. Skilled content marketing professionals in Houston, TX can help businesses gain an online audience through employing marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO).

Local SEO Strategies as Means to Successful Houston Online Marketing

The rise of the digital era and the influence of this technology across varied platforms have been due as much to internet marketing strategists being able to incorporate effective techniques, such as search engine optimization and social media marketing, to get their clients’ business websites strongly visible in the World Wide Web, and help them gain a more global audience.

These online marketing methods include SEO techniques, among others, tapped for Houston content marketing. SEO primarily analyzes keywords that consumers use to search for the products or service that they need and optimizes these keywords throughout the sites’ content, while creating and maintaining effective web development and design. A more efficient strategy businesses adopt is to narrow down user searches throiugh local SEO techniques.